court-144090_1280 King Law is a full service law firm, that focuses mainly on personal injury in Naples, and Ft. Myers, FL and Columbus, OH. We have assembled a legal team with the ability to solve complex, multifaceted problems in more ways than one, and to help you achieve your goals in creative and innovative ways, that may not be possible elsewhere. The size of our firm and the diversity of our expertise also allow us to deliver timely, cost-effective results to our clients, in a team effort. Made possible, only by the talent and dedication of the paralegals, support staff and Sean King.
Our firm represents injured Floridians and Ohioans and their families throughout the states. Unfortunately, today’s economy has made it more and more difficult for injured victims to resolve claims on their own. Businesses and insurance carriers may not offer a fair value on the claim and there has been a substantial increase in the number of other businesses, such as health insurance carriers, who will claim to be entitled to all, or a portion of the recovery.
When you select King Law, it is our goal to treat you with the utmost understanding and compassion, coupled with the highest level of legal representation. You need to understand your rights, know what to expect, learn of any potential pitfalls and establish an aggressive case plan, that will place you in a better position to resolve your case, without the need to file a lawsuit.
When faced with a legal crisis, it is too easy to focus on dealing with the immediate situation and to forget the potential legal ramifications of your statements or actions. This is true for any legal crisis. We will listen to your concerns, explain possible legal pitfalls and we will help you develop a case plan that will protect you.

Our Practice Areas Include:
*Wrongful Death
*Personal Injury
*Car and Truck Accidents
*Medical Malpractice
*Work Injuries

Sean King


Sean King grew up in Columbus, Ohio giving his free time as a young volunteer at Columbus Children’s Hospital helping the young and sick feel a little better. He has also lived in Maryland, Florida, New York, Georgia and even England before he finally settled back in South Florida. He has been an attorney since 1996 and a Certified Public Accountant since 1997. He received his accounting degree from the Ohio State University, a Law degree from the University of Miami, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Sean King is a Lawyer in Ohio and Florida. Respect, optimism and professionalism are key character traits that Sean emphasizes in his daily life and business practices.

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