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How Much Can You Expect from a Settlement After a Car Accident in Naples or Fort Myers?

If you’ve suffered injuries from an automobile accident in Naples or Fort Myers, a lawyer like Sean King can help you learn how much to expect from a car accident settlement, and maximize your payout.

While there is no specific formula, car accident lawyers tend to use a set of criteria to determine how much you should receive in a settlement from a car accident. However, this criteria depends greatly upon your particular circumstance and injuries, and whether or not there has been damage to your vehicle.

Understanding your rights will help you avoid missing out on a possible settlement from your car accident, which in turn will help you:

  • Repair or replace your car
  • Pay medical bills
  • Cover lost wages
  • Cover the cost of future damages

You may have sustained injuries in your automobile accident that can cause complications in the future. After a car accident it can take months for your body to recover, and in some cases, it can even take a number of years before you begin to exhibit signs of trouble.

It’s important to let a car accident lawyer in Naples or Fort Myers with knowledge and experience fight the battle for you to make sure you get the settlement you deserve. King Law is here for you. Sean King is the Champion for the Injured in Naples and Fort Myers. He will personally evaluate your claim to determine its potential for a fair settlement.

Injuries for Which Car Accident Victims Seek Compensation

It is not uncommon for people with certain types of injuries in a car accident to seek compensation through a legal claim, including:

  • Concussions
  • Head injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Herniated Discs
  • Nerve Damage or Pinched Nerve
  • Whiplash
  • PTSD


You may be told you need surgery and a settlement may be the best way to cover the cost of that surgery if necessary. For example, low back pain is often caused by injury to a muscle, or a disc, which can happen in an automobile accident.

In the state of Florida, you can file a personal injury claim up to two (2) years after a car accident, but you shouldn’t wait until circumstances go from bad to worse to call an attorney. You should know that no legal fees are expected from you until your attorney determines the severity of your case and wins that case for you.

When you’re dealing with a serious injury after a car accident, It’s important that you get legal counsel on things you may not be aware of. For example, the defendant’s insurance agent may try to get you to admit the accident was your fault or to settle for less than you rightly deserve, because it’s in the best interest of the insurance company.

A car accident attorney can guide and protect you through the legal process to make sure this doesn’t happen. King Law is here to help you. 

What is involved in a car accident settlement process?

The severity of your case will help calculate the formula in determining the amount of your auto accident settlement’s final payout. Auto accident cases in Naples and Fort Myers vary greatly, however, the settlement amount is often higher in a more serious accident. That’s why it is imperative that you discuss the details of your particular case with an attorney who is trained to determine how best to maximize your settlement amount to cover much needed expenses, which may include:

  • Auto repairs
  • Cost of a new vehicle
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

How is a car accident settlement negotiated?

Your attorney will present a demand letter with supporting documents and other evidence to the insurance company. The insurance company will try their best to prove they should not be held liable during the negotiation process. The strategy used most often is to try to show weaknesses in your claim.

You may receive a “reservation of rights” letter from the insurance company.  This is a letter informing you that the company is investigating your claim, but that it is reserving the right not to pay you anything if it turns out that the accident is not covered under the policy. Your car accident lawyer will help you fight by providing the evidence needed to show the amount in demand is reasonable, such as your medical records, accident report, etc. This process will continue until both you and the insurance company agree on a final settlement.

How long does a car accident settlement take?

Cases can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to reach a settlement agreement. How long a car accident settlement takes can depend greatly on the particular facets of that case.

Do I have to hire a lawyer, or can I pursue a private settlement?

In a private settlement, both parties agree not to sue. For car accidents with no injuries or no other significant hardships, a private settlement may be a good option.

However, in the event of a car accident with serious injuries or other losses, you may be more likely to receive a higher payout by hiring a lawyer. There is much that goes into reaching a payout from a car accident settlement that you may not have considered, such as, taking pictures of the property damage, accident scene, and injuries, as well as surveying documents, like the police report, and submitting a demand letter to the insurance company.

Sean King and the attorneys at King Law are well versed in all aspects of the law regarding auto accident cases. We know the last thing you need is to begin researching how to fight and win your case. Let us do that for you.

Is an auto accident settlement public record?

In Florida, vehicular accident records are not available via public record for 60 days. During this time, only people directly involved in the accident, law enforcement or legal or insurance representatives may access the records. After 60 days, the accident records become public, but your personal information, such as social security number, driver license number, etc. are still restricted to protect your right to privacy.

Similarly, car accident settlements that occur outside of a courtroom are private and not available via public records. However, if a car accident claims case proceeds to trial and a settlement is awarded, the settlement amount and other details will be available in public court records.

Is my car accident settlement taxable income?

If you receive financial compensation for injuries from a car accident, this does not count as taxable income. There may be extenuating circumstances, however, and it’s best to go over your particular income status with a qualified tax attorney or CPA after your case is settled.

Can child support or alimony be deducted from my car accident settlement?

Any outstanding financial responsibilities you may have, such as child support, alimony, personal debt, etc., are considered separate from the settlement you receive after your accident case gets settled.

woman with personal injury from care accident getting out of car

How is a car accident settlement calculated?

There is no set formula, so the average car accident settlement varies widely. Since every case, accident, and injury is different, it’s crucial to let an accident attorney go to battle for you to maximize the payout amount of your car accident settlement. Some factors involved in determining a car accident settlement are:

  • Car depreciation after an accident
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of ability to carry out specific functions due to injuries
  • Whether children were injured in the accident

After an accident, you may need ongoing physical therapy, or chiropractic work. All of this is taken into consideration when your attorney is fighting your case.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Maximize Your Settlement Payout

If you’ve had an auto accident in Naples or Fort Myers, you need someone like Sean King on your side to maximize your settlement payout. We know you’re hurting and we don’t want you to make the mistake of settling with the insurance company of the person who harmed you. At King Law, we will fight to make sure you get what you deserve. Don’t hesitate to call Sean King for a free consultation today!

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