Personal Injury Lawyers in Naples, Florida

After an injury, a lot of confusion can transpire as a result. You may be both recovering and trying to figure out how to handle being out of work, not to mention wondering if your injuries were a result of someone’s negligence. If you are trying to make sense of a personal injury case, the King Law Office is ready to help. We have years of experience helping our clients through some of the most challenging injuries, and getting them the financial compensation they need to recover from the event.

In this article, we are going to disclose what a personal injury lawyer in Naples does, and what kinds of personal injuries are typically handled through a legal process. Our goal is to arm you with information so you can better know how we can help you and how we get to beneficial outcomes for our clients.

Defining Personal Injuries From a Legal Perspective

Before we get into the legal process, it’s important to note what a personal injury legal case consists of, namely, what kinds of individual injury cases are legal ones. Here is a brief description of common personal injury cases.

Car Accidents – This can include vehicle to vehicle situations, but also pedestrian incidents as well. If you were hit by a car and you were on your bike, this too would qualify as a personal injury event.

Slip and Fall Accidents – These types of cases are often referred to as premise liability claims, and involve a person or entity not providing a reasonably safe environment for people to occupy. This can be the result of a business or government building, not maintaining a space properly. A private citizen’s property can also be held liable depending on the situation.

Dog Bites – There were over 4.5-million dog bites in America in 2015, and these incidents often result in legal claims from victims. Unfortunately, dog bite incidents can have a lasting impact on someone and their future. Often, dogs are not put down as a result of a dog bite attack, so don’t “not” pursue a case because you feel like the owner will have to put their dog down.

Medical Malpractice – People who are injured as a result of a medical procedure or surgery have legal recourse with a medical malpractice claim. These claims can be filed on doctors or medical facilities as a whole, depending on the specifics of the claim.

Assault or Battery Incidents – This type of personal injury claim usually stems from intentional actions taken by one person to injure another. This can be the result of an altercation between two people or a violent crime one commits against another.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Naples Does

Your Naples injury lawyer should provide a number of services to you when handling and managing your legal claim. Here is a breakdown of what some of those actions are, so you know you are getting suitable service with a reputable attorney.

Insurance Policy Analysis and Legal Rights

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Naples will analyze your insurance policies and fully explain your legal rights depending on your particular incident. There are different laws regarding premise liability cases vs. say a dog bite case. It’s essential that your attorney fills you in on how your case will be received from the insurance company and what they are legally obligated to do to help you. Make sure you ask your potential lawyer if they have experience in your type of case and what the results of those claims were.

Case Management and Communication

A personal injury law firm in Naples should handle most (if not all) of the management and communication for your case. An injury attorney should handle these actions for two reasons. First, to ensure your attention is on your recovery and second; so there are no mistakes made that can impact the success of your case. When you choose to work with a personal injury lawyer in Naples, you’re making it clear to the insurance company that you are serious about your claims and that you are confident in your case. There is a lot of paperwork, deadlines and legal matters that have to be handled properly, which if not done correctly, could have an adverse impact on your case.

Negotiation and Litigation

Your personal injury lawyer in Naples should be an experienced negotiator so you can get the right settlement for your claim. They should also be skilled in litigation in the event your case cannot be settled out of court. Make sure you ask your potential attorney about their negotiation skills and their comfort level in the courtroom.

Work With Your Creditors

When you’re the victim of a personal injury, every aspect of your life is impacted, including how you pay your bills. Your attorney can help in this situation by working with your creditors to have temporary holds on your bills or at least help you not get hit with late fees and similar penalties.

Medical and Resource Support Team

A personal injury lawyer should have plenty of medical resources to help you through this time. This might mean they know specialists or help keep you on track for your appointments since this plays such a critical role in your case. Naples personal injury lawyers should also offer their extensive list of resources during this time including incident specialists, car rental connections, private investigators and much more.

Can the King Law Office help you with your personal injury claim? Are you wondering what kind of case you have or what it might be worth? Call or connect with us today and let’s work on getting you the right care and compensation for your claim.