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Have you been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence?  If so, you will need to prepare an accident claim and supporting evidence to prove the other driver’s fault. The most effective way to gather evidence after a car accident is to seek the advice of an experienced car accident attorney.  An experienced car accident attorney will advise you on what type of evidence is needed to file your claim or lawsuit.

Types Of Evidence Required To Build A Successful Car Accident Claim In Florida

Police Report.  Drivers in Florida must report car accidents that result in injury, death, or damages over $500.  The responding officer writes police reports.  It documents the details surrounding the accident.  These reports are public records and contain a vast amount of information, including the officer’s assessment of who was at fault for the accident. Always ask for the police report number and instructions for getting a copy of the report.  This is not conclusive but can be highly persuasive.

  1. Photos of the accident scene.

Photographs are invaluable to any car accident claim or lawsuit.  They present an impartial view of the facts.  Police officers often take pictures at accident scenes. It is advisable to take your own. Typical photos include the position of all vehicles involved after the crash, damage to all vehicles, skid marks, the position of road signs and traffic signals, and photos of your injuries. Be sure to include pictures of road conditions and lighting and any road defects or construction that could be attributed to the accident and debris from the collision.


  1. Witness Statements.

Most, if not all, car accidents have at least one eyewitness. If you are able, try to collect the names and contact information of any pedestrians or drivers who may have seen the car accident or events leading up to it. You may want to take notes of any statements made by other drivers or bystanders. These individuals may be able to provide an objective description of what they saw to back up your story.


  1. Surveillance Footage.

This can be one of the most important types of evidence to prove fault and build an effective car accident claim. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to assist you in determining whether any cameras were near the crash scene and whether they captured the moment of your accident. If so, they will be able to access the footage.


  1. Medical Records.

You must seek professional medical attention regardless of the severity of your injuries. It is imperative to inform all treating health care providers that you were involved in a car accident.  Once treatment is complete, ask for a full copy of your medical records. These records should include everything from the initial ER visit to routine appointments.  It should also include all receipts (paid and due) for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and images such as x-rays or MRIs. Be aware that some injuries are not immediately apparent. If internal bleeding, concussions, or brain injuries occur, a timely diagnosis can save your life.  Keep a record of all injuries sustained during and after the car accident.  It is recommended to keep a journal of all appointments, who you saw, treatment, and if you were required to pay anything.   These records will be vital to getting fair compensation for your injuries.


  1. Property Damage.

This is not just the estimate to repair a car and the rental car receipt.  It is important to have ALL records relating to damages to your vehicle.  One also needs to provide maintenance and service records to show the car’s condition before the car accident. This includes any upgrades made to show the increased value of the car.


  1. Bills, receipts, pay stubs, work absences, and items from the day of the crash.

    It is critical to keep your bills, receipts, pay stubs, and other records following your car accident.  If you have been unable to work due to injuries, you will need proof of lost time and wages. This may include lost sick days, bonuses, and opportunities for advancement.

Your Best Asset: A Florida Car Accident Attorney in Naples or Fort Myers

Car accident lawyer Sean King is your best asset in filing a car accident claim or lawsuit. At King Law, we walk you step by step through the process.  We know the law and the statute of limitations.  We will support you through the process of identifying, gathering, and preserving evidence that supports the facts of your legal claim. We can work with accident reconstruction teams to recreate the accident scene and find an expert witness to testify on your behalf.  If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Naples or a car accident in Fort Myers, contact a car accident attorney as soon after an accident as possible.  The sooner you do, the sooner we can protect you and your rights.


Need Help with a Car Accident Claim in Naples or Fort Myers?